Septic tank management is really important, not only for health of the owner and that of their family, but for the environment too.  In fact, septic tank soakaways are the only remaining legal way to discharge of treated waste.

Septic tanks and cesspits do relatively the same thing, which is to remove waste from a property.  However, septic tanks and cesspits work in completely different ways.

A cesspit is a large, underground tank that has no soakaway.  It is completely contained and collects waste that is untreated and therefore cannot be drained into the environment.  It needs to be emptied by professionals and the waste taken away in specialised tankers to deal with the effluent under strict environmental regulations.

A septic tank is still a tank that collects household waste, but the waste is treated within the tank itself and has a soakaway that removes the waste and pumps this environmentally safe effluent into the ground.

What is septic tank management?

Septic tanks play a vital role in the overall running of a household, but they can be problematic if they get blocked.  If you’re having the following problems, you may need to have your septic tank drained:

  • Pooling of water around the soakaway and drainage field
  • Your sinks and toilets are draining slowly or not at all
  • You’ve noticed unusual plant growth around your septic tank
  • You’ve noticed sludge and scum overflowing from the tank
  • Your sinks may back flow and not drain properly
  • Your appliances drain slowly
  • You’ve noticed foul smells either around the tank or in your home

All of these signs heavily suggest that your septic tank needs emptying urgently.  These problems won’t just go away on their own, so it’s important that you take action immediately to ensure that no further damage is done, both to you and your family and also to the environment.

As a general rule of thumb, septic tanks should be emptied and maintained on an annual basis, depending on how many people the tank is servicing.  A professional team of effluent disposal experts is required to ensure that your septic tank is functioning properly, outline any issues you may have with it, and remove the effluent contained within the tank itself.

Effluent disposal experts are fully versed with the Environmental regulations and work under strict guidelines in order to remove debris from the tank and soak away.  Septic tank management is very important to ensure that no damage is done to the environment.

Once the septic tank is emptied, it could look full again a few days later.  But this is because the tank returns to its normal working levels.  As it reaches it’s normal working levels, it then works by displacement, catching any solids and sludge that have been stuck to the sides of it and allowing higher levels of flow to pass in and out of it.  If you’d like to know more about septic tank management, take a look here.

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