A septic tank is a watertight underground chamber that is generally made of either fiberglass, concrete, or plastic. This chamber will collect and treat wastewater and sewage by kitchen bathrooms and drains at properties that are not connected to mains sewage systems. It’s important to have your septic tank regularly emptied in order to keep it properly maintained and functioning as it should. Your tank plays a vital role in the overall running of your household such as removing wastewater from appliances & drains as well as other effluent discharges. But why else is it so important to have your septic tank regularly emptied? Here we delve deeper to find out.

Extend life of septic tank

Emptying your septic tank frequently and removing any solids from your wastewater will ensure that the soil absorption and drainfield area does not become so clogged. If this area becomes clogged it can cause the septic tank system to reduce its lifespan or fail.

Protecting the environment

Overflowing or damaged septic tanks can be exceedingly damaging to the environment. Chemicals used in septic tanks can be especially dangerous if they tend to leak and can additionally cause a number of environmental issues. A tank that is overflowing can contaminate the surrounding ground with dangerous viruses and pathogens which could be harmful for the environment. Plant growth that is caused by tanks which are overflowing can additionally lead to blooms of algae, which could result in toxic cyanobacteria blooms. Mass populations of cyanobacterial blooms can lead to a reduction in water quality, leading to human and animal poisonings potentially.

Proper health

A septic tank that is poorly maintained can result in improperly treated wastewater and sewage, contaminating the groundwater and surface. This can also lead to pathogens in drinking water, which potentially spreads harmful diseases such as hepatitis and dysentery.

Property value

No one wants to purchase a house that has any potential issues, especially when it comes to drains and blocked toilets, a leaking septic tank and horrible smells – all of which could cause a number of unpleasant issues. An inadequately maintained septic tank can put buyers off viewing your house after they have inspected it, and thus reduce the value of the property.

Financial savings

Having your septic tank cleaned and emptied frequently by a professional company means that they will be able to spot any potential issues or damage as early as possible, and can advise you on preventing problems before they really occur. This will save you so much money down the road when you might have to spend more on getting the entire system replaced if a certain issue remains unresolved. The overall cost of septic tank emptying outweighs the cost of buying a whole brand-new tank.

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