COVID-19 Policy

Our Policy Surrounding the Outbreak of COVID-19

Coronavirus Covid-19

At D.C. Merrett – we are committed to promoting the health of our clients. It may be difficult for some of our clients to get the services they need. Following the recent outbreak of COVID-19, you and your family may be concerned about visiting public spaces or having people visit your home as well as having worries about contracting the virus. 

We want to reassure our clients that we are still capable of carrying out our services, however, we are taking an extra range of precautions where necessary. We want to prioritise the health of our clients, making sure the utmost care is taken when carrying out our services. Our workers do not need to enter the home, negating the risk of any contamination. We will also take extra measures when visiting your home such as avoiding unnecessary contact such as handshakes and maintaining a 2-metre distance from others where possible.

Due to the nature of our services, we will most likely be able to carry them out without interruption. From septic tank emptying to drain jetting, the majority of our services should be uninterrupted by the ongoing pandemic. If you’re looking for a quote for a particular service, get in touch with us as normal and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that all staff carrying out our services are fit and well with no symptoms. We are carefully monitoring our team to ensure that they are not at risk of spreading COVID-19.