Waste Services in Gloucestershire

Waste Services

DC Merrett prides itself as a family-run business that has been successfully running for over 35 years. As we have grown, we have been fortunate to have many returning clients who highly recommend us.

Our high-quality waste services and customer-centric focus has allowed us to become recognised as a business that you can trust. We focus on creating the best experience for our customers, taking the time and effort to provide tailored services to suit each individuals needs.

Our well-accredited waste team has a rich bank of experience from working with multiple industries. This means that we can provide services such as:

  • Waste and effluent removal.
  • High-pressure drain jetting.
  • Pipe, culvert and sewer clearance.
  • Deep suction cleansing.

It gives us great satisfaction to be able to provide effective and efficient services to our customers. Explore our waste services further below.

Our Waste Services

We can offer our waste service expertise to commercial, public and domestic customers. We are always open to a challenge and are happy to offer you help. If you need assistance or a query answered, our friendly team is available to call 24/7.


Our responsible team that handles the waste services we provide at DC Merrett are all certified and highly skilled. They each hold a CSCS operator’s card and National Water Hygiene certificate. They also undergo Confined Space Entry Training as well as High Pressure Water Jet training. Allowing them to complete each task to the appropriate standards.

Our specialist tankering service allows us to offer various waste removal and disposal services for an array of waste products such as sewage, wastewater, drainage waste, industrial effluent, oil-contaminated waste and digestate.

We have an excellent fleet of tanks, including our specialist small tanker for more difficult locations. Having a diverse range of tankers available means that we can send a specific one out that can be used to provide an appropriate solution to suit your needs.

We always ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest UK and European legislation. We will provide all necessary documentation that you legally require to dispose of waste correctly.

Environmental Services

We can deliver our expert waste services to domestic, public and commercial clients. This includes environmental services that involve working with effluent waste.

When it comes to septic tanks, they should be emptied yearly unless stated otherwise. If it is emitting a smell or there is a pooling of water – it will need emptying. That is where we at DC Merrett can assist.

Our knowledgeable waste team is experienced with septic tanks and cesspits. They will be able to empty, clean and dispose of all effluent waste. If you have an emergency, you can give them a call on our 24/7 phone line, where they can arrange a quick solution for you.

As a professional business, we make sure that we are fully certified as a waste disposal provider. We are registered as waste carriers and have the waste carriers license issued by the Environment Agency.

You can rest assured that we will appropriately dispose of your waste legally and safely.

Drain Jetting

Our team is exceptionally skilled when it comes to handling and solving blocked drain issues in both domestic and commercial settings.

Our drain jetting service is perfect for dislodging and removing substances within drainage systems. It involves using some of the best industry-standard equipment to pressure jet the blockage away and to remove it if needed.

Blockages can be formed by debris, foreign objects, toiletries, fat and grease. All of which can cause problems such as pooling water, slow drainage and foul odours.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a fast response drain unblocking and cleaning service. This allows us to provide a rapid solution that will help prevent any further damage that could be made by overflowing or flooding.

Our drain jetting services can also be used for descaling pipes and tank cleaning.

Vactor Services

We have a certified team behind our vactor service. Our specialised vactor service is ideal for fast clearance of pipes, sewers and culverts including those in the most inaccessible places. We offer our vactor services for both domestic and commercial locations.

We will identify and expose what the issue is, accurately formulate a plan and effectively deliver our vactor service with minimal disruption as we can.

Removing sand, gravel and debris from these areas will allow the pipes, sewers and culverts to operate at their best. Failure to do so could result in damage such as flooding and contamination further down the line.

Our fleet of high-powered vactor vehicles are ideal for deep suction well cleansing, line cleansing and tank cleansing. Each vehicle is operated by certified members of our team, ensuring that the job is completed to the best standard.