Escort Vehicle Services in Gloucestershire

Escort Services

As a well-established and reputable company, we pride ourselves on providing the commercial, public and private sector with a great range of services. Our dedicated team of professionals are trained to the highest of standards, allowing them to provide both a friendly and reliable service.

We are fortunate to have many returning clients who are always impressed with the service we provide. We try our best to accommodate all needs and requirements for our customers. That is why we are one of the UK’s leading heavy haulage transportation and escort suppliers.

We have detailed below everything we think you will need to know about our escort vehicle services however, should you have a query you would like answered – please do not hesitate to contact us.

What Are Our Escort/Pilot Vehicles For?

When transporting abnormal loads, it is a legal requirement that you have a pilot/escort car. These specialist vehicles are used to ensure the heavy haulage load departs, travels and arrives safely.

The vehicles have high-tech communication equipment which is used to correspond with all those involved during the haul. This helps ensure that travel route details and safety precautions are provided throughout the process.

Certain abnormal load movements may require police escorts due to the extreme nature of the load or complexity of the transport. This could be for half or for the entire length of the journey.

The Escort/Pilot vehicles are also there to provide visual awareness for other drivers, keeping everyone on the public roads safe.

Our Safety Measures

Safety is one of our biggest priorities here at DC Merrett. That is why we take every necessary precaution to ensure we keep the load, the public and our team safe at all times.

All of our drivers are CSCS qualified and continue to undergo various training to ensure they are up to the industry safety standards.

We ensure that the vehicles are well equipped with emergency and roadside safety equipment. All of our escort/pilot fleet are kitted out with the latest communications equipment as specified by the Highways Agency’s Self-Escorting of Abnormal Loads and Abnormal Vehicles Code of Practice.

Our experienced logistics team will prepare and provide detailed plans that will all help towards making the abnormal load transportation a successful one.

We will also provide all the necessary documentation and notify the appropriate authorities for you. This happens a few days prior to the job, as it gives the authorities sufficient notice time. This will help guarantee that the abnormal load transportation is done legally and safely.

Why You Can Trust Us

We understand just how important it is to help our customers when they need us most, that is why we are available to take your call 24/7.

With over 35 years in the industry, you can trust us to provide the best pilot/escort service in the area. We ensure that your delivery gets to where it needs to be safely and quickly. Each and every one of our team members who operate our vehicles have undergone all the mandatory training required. You can be assured we at DC Merrett have the right experience to take on the job.

There is no task too big or small for us, that is why we encourage that you get in touch to see how we can help.

Common Queries

How wide does a load have to be before an escort vehicle is required?

An abnormal load will require escort/pilot vehicles when it has either a weight of more than 44,000kg, an axle load that is over 10,000kg (single non-driving axle) or 11,500kg (single driving axle). If the width is more than 2.9 metres or it has a rigid length of more than 18.65 metres, it too will require escort vehicles.

Do you have to notify authorities when moving abnormal loads?

Depending on the type of abnormal load and specified route that will be taken will determine who we will need to contact. Often the police, highway authorities, bridge and structure owners will be given an advanced warning. This is something our team will do for you.

What does an escort vehicle do?

An escort vehicle plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of oversized or special cargo during transportation. These vehicles work alongside heavy or wide loads, providing guidance and protection on the road. They help alert other drivers, ensure the cargo’s smooth passage through traffic, and assist in navigating challenging routes or obstacles. Essentially, they act as reliable guardians, ensuring that the valuable or delicate cargo reaches its destination securely and without any mishaps.