Vactor Service

Vactoring Services

As a highly-experienced and trained team, DC Merrett provide efficient and reliable services to customers. With a fleet of the best industry standard vehicles, you can rest assured that our team can handle any job with precision and care.

All of our services extend out to commercial, private, and public sectors including our Vactor service. Should you require one of our specialist Vactor units, contact our team who will be there to help you.

We hope that the information we have presented below will answer any questions you may have regarding our Vactor services. If you do have a question, we would be more than happy to help you further. You can reach us by contacting us through our online form or you can call us.

Our Specialist Vactor Service

Our Vactor services are offered to customers throughout Gloucestershire and surrounding counties. Our certified team will be more than happy to take on any job that requires our Vactor unit.

Our specialist Vactor unit is ideal for fast clearance of pipes, culverts, and sewers. It can also be used for deep suction well cleansing, line cleansing and tank cleansing making it an ideal service for our domestic, commercial, and public clients. The high-pressure jets clear away any debris or build-up within the drains include those hard to reach areas.

The waste matter is then collected by us using the suction vacuum and transferred into a debris tank. Once all the waste has been removed from your drainage system and collected, our team will safely and legally dispose of it.

The Vactor service is an excellent fast solution due to its high flow rates and variable low pressures. This also helps prevent any damage to the drainage system whilst the work is being carried out.

What Are Vactor Services Used For?

The Vactor service involves high-pressure jetting to blast away debris within drainage systems and strong vacuum suction used for the collection of back-flushed effluent waste service.

Our Vactor services can be used for a variety of jobs. Whether you have a commercial, public or private property – we can help.

Our Vactor services can be used for:

• Tank Cleaning.
• Line Jetting.
• Commercial clean ups.
• Public/Private cleanups.
• Environmental clean ups.

If you are looking for a company you can trust to carry out the job, then look no further than us. As a family run business, we pride ourselves on offering the highest of standards when it comes to our services. We are always happy to accommodate any specific needs or requirements you may have.

If you require our Vactor service, request a quote and we will get straight back to you.

The Benefits of Vactor Services

Our Vactor service is one of the most accurate solutions for clearing any build up or blockages you may have in your pipe systems.

There are multiple benefits to using Vactor services such as:

  • Highly Effective especially when un-blocking hard to reach areas within the pipe system.
  • Environmentally friendly option compared to chemical cleaning.
  • Leaves no leftover debris or clogging.
  • Can be carried out on commercial and residential sites.

Why Choose DC Merrett?

DC Merrett have become one of the most trusted service providers in the industry. Our staff are certified and trained to the highest of standards. They operate our high-spec fleet of vehicles which are always well-maintained therefore, you can trust that we will get the job done for you quickly and efficiently.

We are always on hand 24/7 to talk and take on a job. Please feel free to contact us.

Common Query

Can I jet the drainage system myself?

Our Vactor service works well for un-blocking debris build up in you drainage systems. These blockages can often be far down the pipeline in difficult to access areas. That is when an at-home solution would not work. Build-ups like these require a high-powered pressure jet to be removed, and you will also need the debris to be suctioned up in order to prevent further blocking down the line. It is recommended that this task is carried out by a professional and certified team of experts.