Machinery Transport in Gloucestershire

Machinery Transport

DC Merrett is a family run business with over 35 years of experience managing heavy haulage transportation, waste services and vehicle maintenance. Our friendly team are excellent at delivering expert services with efficiency and care.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to build a great reputation with our customers, who often return to us for further services they may need. We are always happy to work with commercial, public and private clients.

With our certified team at the forefront, our machinery transportation service has been highly regarded. We provide not only the machine transport services, but the planning and preparation aspect for each job too.

We are certain you will find all the information you may need below however, if you have a question, we are more than happy to help.

What Is Heavy Haulage Transportation?

Heavy Haulage UK Transportation is used for moving specialist heavy equipment such as cranes, diggers and other abnormal indivisible loads that cannot be divided into two or more loads without undue expense or risk of damage. It is very common within the agricultural and construction industry that this heavy transport is required.

There are a number of categories that permit each load with specific limitations on speed and weight restrictions. Depending on each gross weight of the load, specific notification and permission is needed prior to transportation. Haulage services are our specialty here at DC Merrett.

These abnormal loads will require specialist freight arrangements, and that is where we come in. At DC Merrett we have a fleet of impressive heavy haulage vehicles as well as a very adept team who fully project manage the heavy haulage transportation. Heavy haulage driving is a factor that all of our drivers are experts in.

Our Machinery Transportation Service

At DC Merrett we prepare, load and transport machinery and equipment across the UK and Europe for a variety of clients. We are fully certified to execute heavy haulage jobs and machine transport services.

We complete and provide all site surveys, route planning, permits and escorting to ensure that the loads are transported safely and legally.

We also fund our drivers Loader Securer training, which allows our team to be competent to undertake any driving task. We choose to provide this ourselves for our staff as we believe both the public and driver’s safety is top priority.

We ensure our advanced fleet of Heavy Haulage vehicles are fully compliant with Highways England guidelines therefore, you can rely on us to do the job.

All of our vehicles are equipped with signage and two-way radios that allow our team to communicate clearly and efficiently, keeping the task at hand running smoothly and safely when completing our road haulage services.

You can be assured that we will take our utmost care when handling your machinery and equipment. We pride ourselves on making sure we complete every job effectively to the highest standards.

Should you require our machinery transportation services, please feel free to request a quote.

Benefits Of Our Machinery Transport

The benefits of using DC Merrett are:

  • All of our staff are highly-experienced, certified professionals.
  • Our fleet is made up of only the latest industry standard vehicles.
  • The team is fully equipped, and this keeps communication transparent throughout the procedure.
  • We have a great understanding of UK and European network and movement restrictions.

Our many years of experience in the industry allow us to provide bespoke haulage logistics for large haulage loads throughout the UK and Europe. We are happy to undertake any project you may have.

The DC Merrett Heavy Haulage Fleet

At DC Merrett we pride ourselves on having the most up-to-date top spec vehicles and trailers to accommodate various abnormal loads. We appreciate that getting your delivery to its destination on time and in its original condition is a real priority. That is why we ensure that our fleet of vehicles are maintained by professionals on our on-site workshop as well as having an expert team who are well accredited and trained. This helps us ensure that you receive the best service from us.

Our specialist vehicles include:

  • Low Loaders up to 150 tonnes.
  • Extendable step frames.
  • 8 wheeler rigid lorries.
  • 60 tonnes per metre crane lorry.

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists for heavy haulage transportation. Our friendly family run business is centred around providing our clients with an excellent service. We are more than willing to manage the entire transport project for you.

Please feel free to contact us today to discuss any queries or assistance you may need.

Common Queries

What constitutes as an abnormal load?

Additional permits and planning are required for abnormal loads in which the length of the load exceed 18.75m, the width exceeds 2.90m, the weight exceeds 44tonne and although there is no set rule regarding height, most unmarked bridges are 5.0m so it is recommended that the height should not exceed 4.9m. If it is taller than 4.9m, a further specialised route will have to be planned.

How certified are your drivers?

Our team is a collective of qualified specialists who all undertake regular training such as the driver CPC courses, CSCS Health and Safety Training for operatives, Allmi Lorry Loader – crane and NPORS Loader Securer (Plant Machinery & Trained Operative). We are also Silver FORS accredited. You can rest assured that our vastly experienced team can be trusted to complete the job.