How Do I Look After A Septic Tank

If you are used to having a septic tank, you may be aware that there are lots of things you can do to take care of it however if you are not used to septic tanks – this may seem rather daunting at first.

Whether you have recently purchased a property with a septic tank or you work somewhere that uses one, you may have some questions in mind that you would like an answer for. This could include…

Have your septic tank regularly emptied by a certified waste disposal company.

Your septic tank needs emptying regularly in order to keep it functioning. Most would say every 3-5 years it needs emptying however, to allow the septic tank to operate at full capacity we would recommend getting it emptied once a year.

We at DC Merrett would suggest that you contact a reputable company such as ourselves to do the job. We have the expertise and necessary licences to both empty the tank and dispose of the waste in the required legal fashion.

Refrain from incorrectly disposing of non-decomposable materials into the septic tank.

This is a pretty common mistake many people make and end up with issues. Disposing of non-decomposable materials such as baby wipes, coffee grounds, cooking oils and more will cause blockages and build-ups.

These can be detrimental to your septic tank as they will cause the tank to overflow and back up. You may notice that the loo may be slow to flush or may not flush any waste away. Sinks won’t drain easily, and you may even notice the pooling of wastewater near the cover of the tank. This is when it is important to get professional help as soon as possible.

Call in professionals if you notice any backup or smells emitting from your septic tank.

Any pooling or distinct smells emitting from your septic tank is a sure sign that something is wrong and it would be best to call in the professionals. This could be because your tank is full, there may be a blockage or there could be an issue with the structure of the tank. It is always good to call in an expert who will then be able to give you a firm answer as to what the issue is.

We understand at times like these, you want the issue solved immediately. That is why we have team members available to call 24/7, who can book you in. We always try our very best to deliver our exceptional services quickly.

Invest in making your property more water-efficient to help reduce the pressure on the septic tank.

Another way in which you can look after your septic tank is by improving the properties’ water efficiency. By doing so, you can reduce the pressure being put on your septic tank.

This can all help towards less excessive strain on your septic tank which would otherwise lead to blockages and problems further down the line.

You can read more about water efficiency here, and how new builds are investing in far more efficient tactics to help improve water efficiency.

Who can I trust to do the job right?

It can be hard to tell who you should rely on when it comes to cleaning and helping you with your septic tank. Here at DC Merrett, we are experts when it comes to septic tanks and therefore, would be more than happy to help.

Our specialist team is confident with any task and challenge they are faced with. Whether you live in the countryside, are a commercial client or are even unsure as to what the issue may be, you can guarantee that we will be there to help you quickly.

If you would like to find out more about our effluent waste removal services or would like to enquire about our other services, why not give us a call? Or, you can fill out our quick and easy contact form.