How to Choose the Right Heavy Haulage Company

Choosing the right heavy haulage company to take on your project is essential for ensuring that the entire operation runs well and is completed smoothly. There are many companies to choose from and it can be difficult to know which one is the right choice for you.

There is a variety of legal, haulage and operational aspects that need considering. If these are not done correctly, there is a possibility that your haulage project could be in jeopardy. This means that there is a chance that those involved with the haul, could be at risk of injury.

We have put together a useful guide to help you understand how to choose the right heavy haulage company and what to look out for.

  • They are a certified company and team.

A credible heavy haulage company will be open and honest about any certifications they hold. They should also have a dedicated team of highly-trained experts working for them. The staff of such companies are required to undertake a variety of tests that then qualify them for operating heavy haulage vehicles.

If a company does not have trained staff, they will be unable to complete the heavy haulage project effectively. Training is essential for ensuring the person working on the project is competent enough to do so.

Here at DC Merrett, our staff undergoes all the necessary training required to make them fully certified. These include:

  • NPORS Loader Securer (Plant Machinery & Trained Operative)
  • CSCS Health & Safety Training for Operatives
  • Allmi Lorry Loader (Crane)
  • Full Drivers CPC

We are accredited with a Silver FORS, which requires our operators to meet certain standards for us to attain and maintain the FORS accreditation. As well as this, we are also RHA members which gives our staff access to the best resources, industry updates and knowledge banks.

  • They have the right equipment.

When it comes to heavy haulage, it’s not as simple as getting a big lorry and hoping it can haul your cargo. Heavy haulage requires specialist equipment and suitable cargo carriers. Whether it is commercial or agricultural, machinery or equipment – it requires the correct vehicle and equipment for it to be safely transported.

At our Gloucestershire-based yard, you will find our modern fleet of the best industry-standard vehicles and equipment that we use to complete heavy haulage projects. These include:

  • Low loaders up to 150 tonne
  • Extendable step frames
  • 8 Wheeler rigid lorry
  • 60 Tonnes per metre crane lorry

They are kitted out with excellent communication systems, allowing the operators to communicate effectively with the escort/pilot vehicles to keep the haul running smoothly.

We also provide all of the legal documentation, logistics, escort/pilot vehicles and dismantling/loading work – which makes the process of having us complete your heavy haulage project far easier.

  • They provide the best services and attitudes.

Finding a company that not only can provide the service but also has the right attitude will most certainly help make the process far easier. Be sure that the company you are looking into can provide the right service for your requirements. A positive, reliable, and confident attitude is a great telling sign as to whether the company will care to complete your project to the highest of standards.

Our brilliant team at DC Merrett is available to call 24/7, so if you have an emergency or last-minute query – they can be there to help. We also pride ourselves on having a customer-centric focus, where we do our utmost best to deliver a great service.

We are always happy to provide the necessary information you may need either over the phone, by email or through our heavy haulage service page.

If you are looking for a trusted and reputable company to help you with your heavy haulage needs, get in contact today with us at DC Merrett. We are always open to accommodate a range of requests, making us the perfect solution for many.