The Importance of Export Preparation

The process of exporting heavy machinery is one that may seem simple, but in reality, has all sorts of rules and regulations to follow in order to provide the best service possible to customers. Having exported machinery all across Europe, we have experience in the field to share professional knowledge in why this process is so important to the job at hand.

Exporting your machinery outside of the UK does not only open up many opportunities for your business, but it can also lead to greater production levels, leading to larger economies of scale and better margins. Let’s discuss the key steps we take in order to provide an expert service.

Machinery/Equipment collection

The first step is collecting the machinery in the first place. With many of these abnormal or heavy loads not road legal, this type of machinery must be transported professionally by those who have the correct loaders/equipment.

It is very common within the agricultural and construction industry, as there are plenty of specialist options such as cranes, diggers and other abnormal indivisible loads that cannot be divided into two or more loads without undue expense or risk of damage.

In this step it is also important to consider the journey. We complete and provide all site surveys, route planning, permits and escorting to ensure that the loads are transported safely and legally back to our base where we can begin our export preparation.

Intensive Cleaning/Dismantling

When exporting machinery, you want it to be delivered in the best condition possible, ready for use when it arrives. This includes taking safety measures using appropriate cleaning procedures, making sure the customer is satisfied every time their machinery is exported.

Dirty and soiled machinery is considered a biosecurity threat, with many countries across Europe not taking this lightly. Any machinery or equipment that doesn’t meet the standards can be rejected from entering the country and therefore held at the border. If your equipment or machinery is found to have any organic matter on it such as weeds, dirt, disease and pests It will be deemed as unfit for entrance.

By completing this intensive cleaning, we can assure you that your equipment will have no problems when it comes to entering any given country. At DC Merrett, our team recognise the importance of meeting these import laws. That is why they will always ensure that the export preparation procedure is undertaken with the utmost care and precision.

Alongside cleaning, dismantling the machinery is also an important step to take to ensure all areas are covered when it comes to cleaning and preparing the machinery. This is where all areas of the machinery need to be checked thoroughly to make sure there are no underlying problems.

Repair work and replacements made if required

This is where we take action if we find any issues with the machinery. If any pieces are not up to scratch and/or are faulty, these need to be replaced quickly before the machinery is exported. The same goes for any maintenance work just to bring the machine up to legal requirements.

Container loading

As these pieces of machinery are large and heavy, loading these into containers can prove to be a tricky task for someone who doesn’t have experience in the field. Our team of experts have delivered hundreds of heavy vehicles to docks and ports ready for export, ensuring a safe trip for your machine every time. We can secure your machine so it can not be damaged, taking extra care of all machines that pass through our export preparation process.

If you would like to discuss in more detail surrounding the many benefits of exporting your machinery using DC Merrett, then give us a call today to find out more!