Trend Machine Transportation Manufacturing

We are well away with the new year, and with this, we’ve been looking ahead to the upcoming 2023 trends in manufacturing that we think will impact heavy machine transportation, installation and factory relocation projects up and down the country. In many fields and business sectors, heavy machinery is a must. Whether this is for heavy construction or mine work, abnormal loads are a necessity to get the work done. With this comes the need for machinery transportation experts to take you from A to B. In this article, we look ahead further into 2023 and highlight some of the key trends in manufacturing that we feel our customers may want to consider.

Technology Is Advancing

The need to integrate new technologies such as augmented reality, 3D printing, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and analytics, artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning into production facilities may require companies to take on board newer forms of heavy machinery. On the other hand, they may need a complete factory relocation project in order to rationalise factories to create more modern and efficient facilities.

Technology within the industry is certainly developing at a rapid pace, as us at DC Merrett are keeping up with the common trends in machinery adaptation as they are released. We have already integrated new methods into the jobs we do, using the latest technology in order to complete the job quicker and with more efficiency. The fourth industrial revolution, called Industry 4.0 continues to affect the way companies design, manufacture, improve and distribute their products, and we are here for the journey!

Outsourcing Production

Companies which may have previously manufactured products in-house are increasingly outsourcing production from other companies located around the UK. They claim the investment required to embrace the kind of tech their carefully chosen partners offer are by far outweighed by the benefits of improved quality, process efficiency, production speed, and price competitiveness that outsourcing has been able to deliver.

With this, companies are looking to outsource heavy machinery from others for jobs, as this can be just as cost beneficial than owning the machinery itself. The knock-on effect is that these companies will be closing factories and the outsourcer may need to invest in more new machinery or new factories in order to ramp up capabilities. For the time being however, companies )more than ever before) are outsourcing machinery where possible, and with this comes the need for transportation of these heavy loads.

Building Supply Chain Resilience

We are seeing a greater appetite for UK manufacturers to support the UK economy by buying British based machinery, or buying from those who already have machinery mased in the UK. This trend may lead to UK businesses buying new machinery, or relocating the redundant machinery from their foreign manufacturers in order to set up operations here. Similarly, the global operators may choose to relocate entire factories altogether to the UK.

How Can DC Merrett Help

Our ongoing monitoring of industry sector trends means we can plan our continual investment in market-leading equipment, vehicles, and high-calibre personnel to ensure we have the necessary resources to safely carry meet the demand for a professional heavy machinery transportation service. Like we have already previously mentioned, we are already adapting the way we complete jobs on a day-to-day basis, and we expect others to follow suit in the future.

We have a rich history of completing projects, including new machinery deliveries and installations, production line heavy machinery reorganisations, and the provision of secure industrial storage, escorting vehicles to and from locations where necessary, following regulations and guidelines set by the UK government.

We realise that every project is unique so we will always work with the customer to understand their exact requirements in order to create a bespoke project package that is tailored specifically for them. If you are considering a heavy machinery transportation company for future requirements, please get in touch.